Coffee Bloc

Welcome to Coffee Bloc

CoffeeBloc are taking the industry by storm. After over a decade of working in the coffee industry, they have set up in a huge unit and are offering specialty coffee on a vast scale. They offer a wide array of B2B coffee services, from staff training, equipment set-up and coffee sourcing and roasting.

How Coffee Bloc helped Gather & Gather

The UKBC championships is one of the world’s most prestigious coffee championships, giving baristas across the country the chance to showcase their skills and coffee perfection. We’re beyond proud to have had Gather & Gather baristas Tim, Charlie, and Julia take part in the championships so far and are looking forward to cheering Zak on at the First London heat on the 1st of March.

Web Design

The Online Presence

In collaboration with Coffee Bloc, our website project mirrored their vast specialty coffee realm. We designed an immersive digital space where visitors can explore their offering. Our user-centric design celebrated the art of coffee-making, creating a seamless bridge between tradition and modernity, ensuring that every online interaction was as rich as their brews.