Norfolk Police Constabulary

Detective Recruitment

This brief came to us from Norfolk Constabulary. With the launch of their new Broadland Gate Hub, they wanted to run a recruitment campaign that not only highlighted the fantastic new facilities but also showcased the benefits of joining the detective programme. 

We encompassed the emotional and personal side of the Detective role by using a documentary interview style. To really make this film stand out, we conducted interviews using question cards. The interviewee was given a card with a question on, they read the question aloud and then proceeded to answer the question. Having not seen the question before, this allowed us to capture their natural reaction and immediate response, giving a candid and natural speech style.

Social Campaign Outputs

Portrait is Pro.

As with most digital campaigns these days, it was important that our client could also use the outputs on social media too. With the instagram reel format being fixed at 1080 x 1920 pixels, we shot the main video with this in mind. This meant that in the post production process, we were able to provide cropped and shortened length outputs that were optimised for social media use.