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Knife Crime Awareness Film

We were commissioned to produce a series of films with the intention to raise awareness of knife and violence crime in Norfolk. The hero film delves into the heart-wrenching narrative of Phil and Emma, parents who tragically lost their 18-year-old son to a fatal stabbing in Norwich. Through poignant interviews, they bravely share their harrowing journey, offering a raw and unfiltered perspective on the devastating impact of such senseless acts of violence. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the profound ripple effects that knife crime inflicts upon families and communities. By amplifying their voices, our film endeavors to shed light on the urgent need for collective action in combating this societal menace, urging viewers to stand together in solidarity against the scourge of violence.

Educational Videos

Campaign Outputs

The comprehensive campaign comprises six videos designed for screening in schools, aimed at enlightening young children about the consequences of knife and violence-related crimes. Each video unfolds a narrative of a real criminal case, featuring authentic stories, parents, and an investigating officer. The only reconstructed elements are the news reports, meticulously crafted to impart a sense of authenticity.