Surf-Tech Surfaces

Manufacture Film

Our recent project with Surf-Tech Surfaces took us on a journey to Edgbaston Priory in Birmingham, where we documented the meticulous installation of their state-of-the-art tennis courts. The project extended beyond the court, as we traveled to Surf-Tech’s cutting-edge factory in Stanton to capture the intricate manufacturing process of their innovative surfaces. The primary goal was to create a comprehensive visual narrative showcasing the entire start-to-finish journey. This compelling footage will be a key highlight at the upcoming European Trade Show, offering a vivid insight into the craftsmanship and technology behind Surf-Tech’s top-tier tennis court solutions.

Social Campaign Outputs

Portrait is Pro.

Our project with Surf-Tech Surfaces not only documented the tennis court installation at Edgbaston Priory but also produced engaging social media reels showcasing the process. These short videos serve as powerful marketing tools, offering a dynamic glimpse into Surf-Tech’s craftsmanship and innovation, generating excitement for their surfaces on various social media platforms.