Workhouse England

SS24 Photoshoot

In collaboration with Workhouse England, we embarked on a captivating studio fashion shoot, unveiling the essence of their SS24 collection. Our lenses artfully captured the innovative designs and timeless elegance of each garment, showcasing the brand’s commitment to contemporary style. Against our studio backdrop, the photoshoot celebrated the fusion of artistry and fashion, inviting viewers to explore Workhouse England’s captivating vision for the season.

What the client said

“Yesterday we shot ‘Beauty’ our Spring summer collection of menswear 2024 at Allegro Creative Agency. We are so happy with the results. The pictures are some of the best we have ever had created.

They have a great attitude towards listening to what we need, managing to work out how to do it and not stopping until it was done. Even changing things and reshooting a few outfits again so we came away with all the looks just looking so perfect.”