Social Media Reels

Engaging Coffee Videos

We crafted two engaging social media reels showcasing the vibrant coffee culture of Folk Suffolk and Butterworth’s & Son’s roasters. For Folk Suffolk, we spotlighted their new café and cutting-edge coffee facilities, inviting viewers into the heart of their cozy space. Meanwhile, at Butterworth’s & Son’s, we captured the excitement of their annual latte art competition, showcasing the skill and passion of baristas as they crafted stunning designs. These reels offer a glimpse into the unique charm and dedication of each establishment, captivating audiences and fostering connections within the coffee community.

Folk Cafe

Campaign Results

Our Work in Numbers

  • 15,000+ Views
    views on Instagram alone
  • 21+ hrs
    watch time
  • 20,000+ Reach
    across all platforms
Web Design

Coffee Business Websites

In collaboration with Coffee Bloc, our website project mirrored their vast specialty coffee realm. We designed an immersive digital space where visitors can explore their offering. Our user-centric design celebrated the art of coffee-making, creating a seamless bridge between tradition and modernity, ensuring that every online interaction was as rich as their brews.

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