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Video Production

Seven Resourcing – Sales Awards

Our video production team recently had the privilege of working on an exciting project for Seven Resourcing, capturing the essence of their annual sales awards ceremony. From the glitzy red carpet arrivals to the heartfelt acceptance speeches, our cameras were there to document every moment of this prestigious event. We aimed to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant video that not only showcased the remarkable achievements of Seven Resourcing’s talented team but also captured the energy and excitement of the evening. It was a true pleasure to be a part of such a memorable occasion and bring it to life through our lens.

Butterworth & Sons – Latte Art Competition

We were thrilled to collaborate with Butterworth & Sons, a renowned coffee roaster, on an exciting video production project. Our team had the privilege of capturing the essence of their latte art competition event, a heartwarming initiative aimed at raising funds for a local charity. From the skilled baristas meticulously crafting intricate designs atop velvety latte canvases to the delighted reactions of attendees sipping their artful creations, our cameras were there to document every moment of this heartwarming event. Through our video, we hope to convey the passion, creativity, and community spirit that Butterworth & Sons embodies, all while supporting a great cause in their local community.

FOLK – Cafe Re-opening

FOLK, a vibrant and culturally rich establishment, embarked on an exciting video production project to capture the essence of their much-anticipated re-opening. The footage pulsates with the infectious energy that courses through their work environment, as staff buzz with activity, artists craft exquisite creations, and patrons savor every moment. The video beautifully encapsulates the eclectic atmosphere, showcasing FOLK as a bustling hub of creativity, diversity, and the undeniable spirit of renewal that defines their reawakening.

Dan & Shanice – London Wedding

Introducing our sister company… The Suffolk Wedding Company was founded by Cam with the view to offer high class, premium creative wedding services like no other company out there. Now with our team, we offer all the creative visual services you could ever want and need at your wedding. These creative gurus have strong backgrounds in creating high quality visuals for clients around the country.


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